Art Is Hard


Oh hey, just realized i passed 300 followers on here! Thanks very much for the likes and follows everyone, trying to get into the swing of things with more art again soon! :)

Quick little ditty for fun. Xephos suddenly being all affectionate and cheerful is great cause for concern, I think.

For those of you wondering just how awful a person I am, well, here you go.

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Oh boy am I glad to finally be done with these

So! If you follow me on my main blog or Twitter or what have you, you’ve probably seen me yammer on about Borderlands 2 on multiple occasions. That’s because honestly, BL2 is probably my favorite game that I’ve played in years. The characters, the humor, the soundtrack, the gameplay - pretty much everything hits all the right buttons for me. It also appears to have been made by some pretty cool people who’ve taken it upon themselves in recent years to make gaming more inclusive and awesome, and this is the game where they started that in earnest, so that adds to the cool factor.

In all honesty an accurate favorites list of the characters for me would be ‘Nearly All Of Them Yes Even Claptrap’, so I just buckled down and drew my absolute Top Six Favorite Borderlanders. Because dang this dumb game (and its upcoming (pre)sequels, from the looks of it) makes me pretty happy.

Couple’a very quick and loose warmup sketches.

Sips’ superpower it’s canon

Messing around in MS5 s’more.

A few more color scheme meme portraits, with the original inks for reference. Still fooling around with Manga Studio 5 to see how I like it.

Amusing myself with a little more color meme nonsense.

#15 for Sonya Surecan?



Somebody who remembers Sonya, how about that! Cheers! Gosh I haven’t drawn her in forever.

Rebloggin’ myself since this went up during Tumblr’s little hiccup.